Why you need to integrate content and commerce

The vast majority of brands may be using content marketing, marketing automation, and social channels in addition to their website, but they aren’t aggregating the data around individual customer interactions so they know what to send, to whom, when, and where in a personalized fashion. This technology disconnect, where brand marketing efforts and insights are segregated from commerce sites and their data, results in lost revenue, abandoned carts, and dissatisfied customers.


The answer to overcome this, is personalized commerce —a connection between marketing departments and their websites, and merchandising departments and their product data.  In this ebook, you will learn:


- Why it’s time to natively integrate your content system with commerce.

- How the “new power couple” (your customer) alleviates your brand’s issues with managing and leveraging its customer data from multiple touchpoints.

- How native integration between content and commerce delivers big rewards—boosting your customer base and your bottom line.

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