Why IT transformation is a driver of competitive differentiation

Technology has become increasingly important across all areas of the pharmaceutical business. And while South-east Asia may not have the deep and vast pedigree of primary research compared to the West, when it comes to IT, the ability to leapfrog without the burden of legacy systems can be a distinct advantage. The ability to put in place comprehensive and highly-customized solutions instead of piecemeal patches that get the job done means that Asia could potentially become a very strong contender as the richest source of pharmaceutical innovation in the world.


Ultimately, innovation will stem from harnessing the power of cloud, analytics, mobile and social technologies in novel ways – thinking about traditional pharmaceutical workflows and applications with new energy and through new lenses.


This special Healthcare Innovation supplement looks at how IT is being used to transform Asia’s pharmaceutical industry and the promise it holds for business. It includes the following sections:


  • The General Role of IT in the Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Asian Pharma: Growth and Regulatory Concerns
  • Cloud Computing: Capacity vs Compliance Risks
  • The Future: The Internet of Things
  • Transforming the Pharmaceuticals Industry
  • Big Pharma Goes High-Tech in Asia
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