Transform insights, improve operational excellence, and delight customers with Extended ECM

Not having access to critical content from core business systems like ERP, CRM, SCM, and HRM is akin to walking around the business with blinders on. Employees can’t see—or worse, don’t even know about—important information that could drastically influence their decision-making, efficiency, and even effectiveness.


It’s time to add a world of rich, unstructured information to bolster, inform, update, and enhance how workers handle critical customer interactions, financial decisions, and operational processes. Enterprise content management (ECM) provides the needed structure, classification, and governance, but that doesn’t always fit smoothly into the business processes employees engage in to get their work done. To truly solve the problem, ECM needs to be ‘extended’ into the core business applications.


Learn how Extended ECM further expands the value of managing unstructured information in digital repositories to include the integration of business content with business applications.
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