The Law Institute of Victoria successfully takes on digital transformation challenge

The Law Institute of Victoria (LIV) enters the digital age with the re-engineering of its business processes. Faced with increased auditing and strict standards for document retention, recall and security, the LIV understood the necessity to modernize the way it handles and processes documents.
The LIV turned to Laserfiche ECM to help it consolidate its documnets and re-engineer its business processes to transform their organization
and ensure staff make the right decision at the right time with the right information.
This has enabled the organisation to "truly understand the time, effort and costs involved in the delivery activities. It has helped stakeholders come to group decisions faster, allowed easier allocation of timelines and accountability and eliminated duplication of work. We’ve received requests for earlier implementation times — everyone is onboard for the change," said Elizabeth Maginn, Project Officer, Business Services, Law Institute of Victoria.
Transform daily operations with powerful, easy-to-implement ECM software. Capture, process and secure your documents.
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