How real-time data can help retailers succeed

No matter how popular online shopping gets, brick-and-mortar shops will always win at one thing: instant gratification. But today’s customers have higher standards than ever.

They expect retailers to have vast inventory assortments and to know exactly which products are in stock — if not, you lose them. To make sure this doesn’t happen, retailers need a real-time data platform to maximize the in-store shopping experience.

Physical stores must have clear visibility across their in-store and online systems — whether it’s on inventory, orders or customer data — and integrating data across retail stores, warehouses, stock rooms, shelves and racks can optimize the store performance.

However, the amount of real-time data is steadily increasing and retailers need a platform that integrates, manages and interprets real-time information from the store to better understand consumers and store activity.

In this latest white paper from Tyco Retail Solutions, discover the benefits of integrated store visibility and how real-time data can help retailers increase sales, prevent loss and enhance the overall customer experience. - Erica Fong, Retail in Asia

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