On digital: A small book on a BIG idea

With three billion citizens of the world attached to the Internet, everything from the way we think to our journey as customers to our workplace and life as we know it changes. Because digitalization can have such a profound effect, it is critical to keep up with competitors in today's increasingly fast-moving digital world. It is digital or die, and according to Mark Barrenechea, OpenText President & CEO: “Standing still is always the riskiest action to take—you are an easy target. Change is always the safer path”.


In his book ON DIGITAL, Mark shares his vision of the digital world and explores a collection of topics on digital which seek to answer key questions about digital transformation, including:


• Why is hyperscale so important?


• What role will Millenials play?


• How will digital help on the customer journey?


• What role will the supply chain play?


• Where does data fit in?


• What’s next?
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