DC resistance unbalance testing: Easy, low-cost insurance for your PoE systems

Gigabit Ethernet (1000BASE-T) and power over Ethernet (PoE) are two network technologies that today are considered the norm. With both technologies supported by an estimated 85 percent of the installed cabling base, they have proliferated in tandem over the past decade to the point where enterprise entities are deploying, or planning to deploy, gigabit Ethernet in the horizontal LAN environment and more PoE devices than ever before.  However, DC resistance unbalance in a PoE connection has the potential to cause significant problems. Making DC resistance unbalance testing a field test requirement will go a long way in ensuring that devices get the power and data they need.


This paper looks at causes of DC resistance unbalance and how testing can help reduce problems with PoE systems. Sections include:


-Understanding PoE and DC Resistance Unbalance
-What Causes DC Resistance Unbalance?
-Testing for DC Resistance Unbalance
-Increase Termination Consistency with the Right Termination Tool
-DC Loop Resistance vs. DC Resistance Unbalance

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