BT DDoS Research Summary

Based on 640 interviews with IT decision-makers in large organisations –across eleven countries and a range of industry sectors— this survey explores attitudes and levels of preparedness towards distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks.


The survey’s findings provide insight into the rapidly evolving DDoS threat landscape and reveals the extent to which DDoS attacks have already impacted organisations and their customers worldwide.


Some of the findings of the report:

  • Organisations say DDoS attacks are getting better at bypassing IT defenses: Two-in-five organisations (41 per cent) say they had been targeted by DDoS attacks last year, and more than half of IT decision makers worldwide feel DDoS attacks were becoming more effective at subverting their IT security measures.
  • Having said that, it is surprising to find that response plans and appropriate resources to deal with a DDoS attack is lacking. Four in ten IT decision makers are not convinced that their organisation has a response plan in place to counteract a DDoS attack. Likewise, less than a third of public sector organisations can even identify if an attack occurs, with a further 37 per cent unsure if they could detect one.
Download the full report to learn what else IT decision makers are saying about DDoS attacks, including how well they feel their CEOs understand the issues at hand.
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