Analytics in the Cloud

To determine the status of Analytics and Business Intelligence in the Cloud, Enterprise Management Associates (EMA) embarked on an end-user research study to look at the current state of cloud-based analytics. As part of the study, survey panelists were asked to identify the depth and extent of their participation in cloud-based strategies for analytics and business intelligence.


EMA found that 56% of respondents could be classified as having an extensive cloud-based strategy with 40% of organizations indicating they had over five projects associated with their cloud-based analytics strategies. In total, over 800 individual projects were detailed by the 257 survey respondents, which is an average of just over three projects per respondent –suggesting an overall maturity based on project implementations.


Download the full research summary for an excellent view of cloud-based analytics and business intelligence strategies around the globe in terms of strategy, project implementation, and horizontal infrastructure.

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