The 2016 State of Resilience report - A global look at practices and progress.

Today, IT professionals are confronted with exploding volumes of data and the pressure to fulfill corporate expectations of near-continuous uptime and access to that data. At the same time, they’re challenged to advance the data center environment, evaluating the best tools and techniques that will ensure resilience.


Are businesses equipped to manage the data explosion and the trials that lie ahead? Or are they behind the curve in adopting more agile technologies that will give their companies that competitive edge?


This year’s State of Resilience report by Vision Solutions examines the ability of businesses to maintain service even in the face of threats and challenges. In keeping with the general trend of globalization of data, the report presents intriguing and deep insights, gleaned from 5 global surveys:


• Migration Challenges

• High Availability and Disaster Recovery

• Data Sharing

• Cloud

• Professional Services/Outsourcing


Read on to see how to keep your business moving forward and gain deeper insights into how truly resilient today’s global businesses are.

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