Making global mobile data connectivity simpler, more secure

David Milroy of WeRocket (left) and uCloudlink's Kenneth Chau show the iconic data connectivity solution

Have you ever fretted over mobile data roaming connections and charges while on an overseas business trip? Every executive road warrior has. Now WeRocket and uCloudlink are partnering up to zero in on this growing headache.

Now available in Singapore through WeRocket, the CloudSIM technology allows users to connect via the cloud to a data network plan that follows them wherever they travel. What is different from traditional corporate data plans or local in-country SIM data plans—both often charged by the day—is that this technology pools together data usage. So traveling executives can use the data they need at any time, while enterprises can centrally manage their entire overseas communications costs better.

David Milroy, Director, WeRocket“A key fact of business today is the need to manage discretionary costs particularly when traveling overseas. This is increasingly becoming a very expensive part of anyone's operating budget. A significant component of travel costs is the cost of data roaming when you travel,” David Milroy (photo right), Director, WeRocket said, adding that  global engineering firms, manufacturing companies, law and audit firms and financial services providers doing due diligence are key targets.

Kenneth Chau, Senior Vice President, Global Enterprise, uCloudlink Network Technology LtdThe CloudSIM technology offers total control of the entire company’s data plan usage and cost control. “For data roaming, getting a single data pass from a single [in-country] operator is not cost effective. Our solution enables a pooled data sharing concept. No matter where users go, they can use a common data pool. The aggregated data needs means WeRocket can then offer an attractive rate to the enterprise customer,” Kenneth Chau (photo left), Senior Vice President, Global Enterprise, uCloudlink Network Technology Ltd said.

“We believe the pool sharing concept is a very interesting, practical solution for enterprises. Enterprises can benefit from preferential corporate rates allowing them to save money,” Chau said.

Another reason why Enterprises are taking a hard look at CloudSIM is data security. Milroy noted that as executives travel more frequently, they increasingly become the target of data hackers, trying to steal the valuable information they travel with on their mobile devices. Often, these executives will use free public Wi-Fi networks at hotels, coffee shops, airports and other public areas. What most do not understand is how easy it is for hackers to steal data these locations.

“Security is one of the key motivations behind the development of our solution. Our goal is to stop business travelers from using the free public Wi-Fi network by providing them access to a secure platform so they can be sure of the continuous integrity of their data communications. Data communications is an increasingly important requirement of one's business travel; ensuring the secure is probably the most important,” Milroy said.

While some of these benefits are touted by uCloudlink competitors, both Milroy and Chau remain unfazed. A key differentiator, they pointed out, is post-sales support.

For example, when a travelling executive has trouble connecting to the data network, they only need to message the CS team.  

“They can reach us by SMS or call us. Based on their email number in the box, we can facilitate the connection though the cloud and identify who the person is, which operator the person is talking to and whether we can provision 2-, 3- or 4G,” Chau said.

“Most of our competitors offer solutions that pretty much leave the users on their own after the purchase has been made. For WeRocket, we are always available to help using our BackOffice [feature] and 24x7 help desk that can resolve any issues remotely,” Milroy added confidently.  

Asked about the competitive marketplace, Milroy welcomes rival solutions. “The fact that there might be other solutions proves that there is a growing demand. We have never said we wanted to take 100% of market; all we've said is the market opportunity has grown significantly and we want to be identified as a leader in this space,” he beamed.  

Behind WeRocket’s ambitions is uCloudlink. “In each region, we will select the right partner to lead the market. When WeRocket becomes successful and wants to expand to other regions, we will be there to support them,” Chau added.