Why you need a business process library

Have you ever wished you can download standard office forms every time you need them instead of creating your own?

Prebuilt process forms, workflows, template fields, diagrams, and reports that are configurable to fit specific requirements speeds up work and allows employees to be more productive.

A digital library of prebuilt e-forms and workflow templates designed for fast process automation deployment called the business process library is available within Laserfiche’s enterprise content management system

Available templates range from key departments, such as accounting, HR and IT, to industry-specific solutions, such as construction services, education, finance, government, and healthcare.

These process templates are available free of charge to all customers of Laserfiche Forms, which enables users to easily design and modify electronic forms without any programming, with active software support plans. Additional customization and training can be provided by the reseller.  

“Using the business process library is simple,” Laserfiche says. “It begins with selecting a prebuilt solution from a menu inside Laserfiche Forms. Processes can be filtered by industry (like healthcare, education, government, etc.) or category (Accounting and Finance; Human Resource, Legal, Operations, Information Technology, etc.)”

Once downloaded, the process template can be configured to employee needs. Forms, for example, can have a dropdown field for adding an approval notification to the process, or can be modified to suit a specific purpose.

The next time an employee needs a similar form, all he or she needs to do is fill out the form. Once it is submitted and approved, the employee receives an email notification confirmation and next course of action. 

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