Victoria Police goes mobile to boost safety and productivity

Victoria Police will adopt a new managed service mobility solution for at least 10,000 police officers in Victoria, Australia. The AUD $50 million solution from Motorola will help increase situational awareness, safety and productivity for frontline officers.

The service will place real-time information at the fingertips of at least 10,000 police officers equipped with iPads and iPhones, helping them manage their daily work more safely, efficiently and productively.
The solution will also help reduce the duplication of data entry by officers while increasing workforce collaboration by sharing vital information between frontline personnel and their colleagues working in control rooms.

The technology will also help Victoria Police to preserve its mission-critical radio communications for essential emergency communications by removing lower priority traffic from the radio network.

This investment represents a major goal within Victoria Police’s Capability Plan 2016-2025, which highlights the way the force will transform its service delivery to be more “agile, responsive, people-focussed and connected” 

Motorola Solutions will lead a consortium of service providers to deliver the contract, including Optus and CompNow. The managed service contract is valued at more than AUD $50 million and will run for a minimum of five years.