Thailand prepares to introduce ASEAN curriculum

Gearing up for the formation of the ASEAN community in 2015, Thailand is now preparing to introduce ASEAN curriculum in its primary and secondary education programs.

The government's public relations department said the education bureau is hosting an education workshop focusing  on seven subjects: science, mathematics, history, physical education, information technology, ethics, and art, which will reflect the identity of each ASEAN country.

Sasithara Pichaichannarong, Permanent Secretary for Education, cited education as an important foundation in the process of building the ASEAN Community, since it would help create better understanding among the 10 members of ASEAN.

Under the Blueprint for the ASEAN Socio-Cultural Community, ASEAN emphasizes equitable access to human development opportunities by promoting and investing in education and life-long learning, as well as human resource training and capacity-building.

In response to the blueprint, the Ministry of Education has come up with a strategic and action plan on education, to be implemented from 2012 to 2015. The plan calls for literacy campaigns through the promotion of distance learning, non-formal education, and community learning.

Thailand’s literacy rate ranks fourth among ASEAN countries, at 93.5 percent of the total population. Thailand is also recognized for its active promotion of teaching and learning through community learning centers, which connect with those in other ASEAN countries.

All government agencies have been urged to improve rules and regulations and enhance labor skills to contribute to the ASEAN Community and the Thai people.