Tableau seeks to lure marketers with new subscription pricing

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Visual analytics vendor Tableau has announced new subscription pricing for all its products, including Tableau Desktop and Tableau Server, potentially lowering the threshold for marketers looking to gain access to a full-fledged analytics platform.

Courtesy of customer demand

Tableau says that its new pricing model is in line with customer demand and industry trends, and will significantly reduce the initial expense of deploying business intelligence. Customers will also gain full access to frequent product updates without having to purchase a perpetual software license, said the company.

More than 5,700 customer accounts have already shifted to this model courtesy of their subscription to Tableau Online, which is a fully-managed SaaS version of Tableau running in the cloud. According to Tableau, customers retain the ability to deploy the company’s product in a hybrid deployment.

“Many customers have told us they prefer to purchase software through a subscription model to more easily access the products they want, reduce upfront expenses and increase flexibility,” said Adam Selipsky, president and CEO of Tableau.

“We have always been driven by the success of our customers, and with subscription pricing we’ll be even more aligned with our customer’s needs and further committed to earning their business every year,” he said.

The best way for organizations to get started on the analytics journey is simply to stop procrastinating and “just start”, advised Elissa Fink, the CMO of Tableau Software in a previous interview with CMO Innovation. You can read more about her thoughts on the challenges that CMOs face, the real-world problems that analytics can solve, and common mistakes made by businesses here.

For now, subscription prices for Tableau Desktop ranges from US$35 (Personal) to $70 (Pro) per user per month, and US$35 per user per month for Tableau Server. Enterprise offerings are also available under subscription offerings.

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