Study: Email could be the starting point for Martech and Adtech convergence

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More than a third of marketers have already taken action to combine and integrate Adtech and Martech technologies, according to a new study conducted by Forrester Consulting and commissioned by email marketing firm LiveIntent.

Titled “Kick-start your Adtech/Martech Convergence”, the study looked at the current state of convergence, the challenges marketers face in integrating these once disparate technologies, and steps they can take to begin the journey for developing a program for stronger one-to-one presence with customers.

People-based marketing

The idea behind combining these two practices can be attributed to the desire to implement people-based marketing. This entails developing a one-to-one presence with customers as opposed to directing advertisements to the devices that they use.

Moreover, such an approach necessities the use of a logged-in environment such as social, direct mail or email, as opposed to an environment such as mobile devices, web browsers, and video ads where users may not be readily identified.

For this to happen, marketers need to be able to combine their Martech operations and data with their Adtech operations and data. Yet the rewards are compelling; a successful implementation will allow brands to market to a known person with consistent messaging, irrespective of the device that person is using.

Going back to emails

According to the study, businesses should leverage email to drive data consolidation. While email addresses alone are not sufficient for enabling customer data consolidation, the report says it is a good starting point.

“The email address provides much more value than enabling marketers to send emails: it lets marketers activate their data, so they can recognize and customize experiences for consumers across publisher and mobile experiences,” noted the report.

“While we’re just beginning the journey to marry two often disparate platforms that really do similar functions, we’ve never been more bullish in helping brands and publishers be more present with their customers,” said Matt Keiser, CEO and founder of LiveIntent.

“As we move towards less of a reliance on cookies, marketers need to reshape the way they drive their customer memory to achieve an entirely new level of connection and resolution, and there is not a better way than utilizing the deterministic value of email. It’s never played a more critical role in getting marketers to bridge Adtech and Martech, extending accuracy, reach and frequency of messages on a one-to-one basis,” he said.

The Forrester report can be accessed here (pdf).

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