Study: Consumer transaction over mobile devices up by 20pc in 2015

Consumer sales transaction via mobile devices is expected to grow by 20pc between 2012 and 2015 in Asia Pacific, according to IT services and consulting firm Tata Consultancy Services (TCS).
Conducted by ResearchNow and commissioned by TCS, the New Digital Mobile Consumer study surveyed 664 companies from four different regions in the world. Among the responding companies in Asia Pacific, 33pc of them have apps running on both smartphones and tablets. But this is set to increase by almost 20pc, with almost two in every five apps (39pc) planned to be usable on both types of devices by 2015.

The responding companies were also divided into two groups: those perceived themselves as leader in digital and mobile strategy and those perceived themselves fall behind their competitors. Among the leading companies, 25pc of their mobile apps are designed specifically for tablets. In contrast, the companies with the least success had just 17pc. The finding indicates success in mobile strategy relies on the adaptability of new platforms such as tablets.

"Smartphones are becoming the preferred computing devices for consumers while they are out-and-about, whereas tablets are taking an increasingly central role for these consumers while they are within their homes," said Vish Iyer, President Asia Pacific at TCS. “As a result, these mobile devices are transforming customer experiences into anytime-anywhere contextual interactions, and are becoming the new battlegrounds for attracting and retaining profitable consumer segments."

Lyer added the top executives of several industries - transportation, travel, entertainment, media, telecom, retail and others – also expect sales, marketing, and service interactions via mobile devices to increase dramatically over the next few years.

"Consumer facing businesses need to develop strong, well-executed digital mobile consumer strategies in order to capitalise on the tremendous sales, marketing, and service opportunities," added Iyer. “Businesses that fail to adequately address these interactions via mobile devices risk being side-lined by competitors, and will be missing precious sales opportunities."