Singaporeans are top online video consumers

Singaporeans lead the region in video consumption, with 78% of Singaporean internet users choosing YouTube as their first choice for online video content, a new research from Google Singapore and Kantar TNS shows.

The survey of 1,035 Singaporeans aged 16 to 60 revealed that 65% agreed it was easier to find interesting content on YouTube than on TV.

The survey also showed that those aged 16 to 34 prefer the video sharing platform to TV, but that older demographics are also heavy viewers — with YouTube reaching 87% of internet users aged 35 to 60 years old at least once a month.

More than 60% of YouTube watchtime in Singapore comes from mobile devices as Singapore is home to the fastest mobile network speeds in Asia Pacific. Mobile watchtime has also increased by 35% over the past year - affirming Singapore’s status as a mobile-first nation.

Singaporeans find more of their favorite content on YouTube than on TV, with 45% of Singaporean internet users preferring YouTube to regular TV. Three in every five (60%) of users also find more content they want to watch on YouTube compared to TV, and agreeing that they visit YouTube for one video and end up looking at others.

Singaporeans use YouTube to help them “try before they buy.” Three out of five users find YouTube useful to search for products and 41% are influenced by YouTube on which brand to buy. Singaporeans are also fine with ads on YouTube, with users almost twice as likely to find YouTube ads less intrusive than TV ads.

Recent research from  Google and Ipsos also found that attention to paid advertising on YouTube is 84% higher than advertising on TV. Coupled with the fact that 95% of video ads on YouTube are played with sound on, ensuring brands’ messages reach their audiences as intended.