Report: Customers want faster, more consistent experiences

Marketers are concerned that they are still not delivering what customers when it comes to a seamless buying experience, according to new research from the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Council and SAP Hybris.

New report

Titled “Context, Commerce + Customer: Best Practices to Exceed Expectations”, the report came from the surveying of some 170 marketing professionals who admitted that technology investments have not met expectations in some areas such as measurement and customer interaction.

Not surprisingly, the report found that customers are unlikely to stay to a single channel, and would jump between digital and non-digital channels as they deem necessary. While aware of the problem, brands are struggling to keep up.

"Customers aren't content to stay in a single [channel], and marketers know it. While headlines love to predict that customers are shifting from a wholly traditional engagement pattern to a totally digital one, marketers are aware that the reality is far more complex,” said the report.

"Nearly half (47%) of respondents indicate that their customers engage across a multitude of channels, but when there is a problem, they pick up the phone and want immediate human attention.”

There also appears to be a disconnect in terms of connecting the dots between “front end” content, conversations and campaigns with back-end operational realities. This range from supply chain logistics, as well as other organizational capabilities that will ultimately impact customer experience.

Ultimately, having to keep up to the expectations of customers was identified as the biggest challenge that marketers face today. The report can be downloaded here (free registration).

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