Philippine chocolate maker ditches QuickBooks and Excel for NetSuite cloud

Theo & Philo, a small bean-to-bar maker of single-origin Philippine artisanal chocolate, has replaced QuickBooks and numerous Excel spreadsheets with NetSuite in a bid to gain scalability and flexibility.

Founded in 2010, Theo & Philo ( grew steadily offering more than a dozen varieties of premium, locally-sourced chocolate products. As production volume soared 700 percent to about 14,000 bars a month, the organization faced challenges keeping pace with its previous system and inventory management was handled manually and tracked on paper.

Since going live on NetSuite in November 2015, Theo & Philo has been using NetSuite for accounting, inventory management, order management, invoicing and purchasing, within a single cloud ERP system.

The deployment has allowed Theo & Philo to better plan and manage sourcing, production and distribution and increase efficiency while saving both time and money compared to the error-prone manual work required by its previous software and paper-based processes.

NetSuite has since been able to go international and expand sales to foreign distributors in recent months, using NetSuite’s multi-currency capabilities for transactions in the Euro for Germany and the U.S. dollar for Japan.

Compared to the limitations of its previous QuickBooks desktop application, Theo & Philo now enjoys anywhere, anytime cloud-based capable access to NetSuite with no need for on-premise software and servers. Real-time data has also helped Theo & Philo control inventory and accelerate production and distribution with visibility that helps spotlight issues and areas for improvement.

Leveraging the NetSuite SuiteCloud Platform, Theo & Philo can adapt NetSuite to unique business needs, for instance, a customization by Tech for Good, a PGE Solutions sister company, enables the company to seamlessly manage consignment inventory and associated sales orders.

Theo & Philo also has access to other functionalities such as CRM, ecommerce, product assembly, lot tracking and more as it continues to grow.