Perx, Visa collaborate to help SMBs turn customer data into results

Perx, the Singapore-based mobile customer engagement and loyalty platform provider, has collaborated with Visa to provide end-to-end customer engagement services to small and medium businesses (SMBs) through the Visa Business Hub (VHB).

The Visa Business Hub, launched earlier this year, is a one-stop portal to deliver tangible value to business customers in Asia. The Perx and Visa collaboration is part of Visa’s commitment to empower businesses to leverage on the innovative technologies through cost effective Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platforms.

Through the Visa Business Hub Perx page, SMBs can sign up for the Perx Gold Plan, which boasts features such as multi-tier loyalty plans, segmented customer campaigns, weekly merchant promotions, mobile scratch card, and customer insights via a Merchant Dashboard, at a discounted rate. Furthermore, SMBs will be able to access industry insights on customer engagement offered by Perx, via the Visa Business Hub’s Business Academy page.

Customer engagement is critical

“SMBs are a key segment in Asia and with the rapidly changing business landscape, customer engagement is an absolutely crucial factor to determine the success of businesses,” said Perx CEO Anna Gong.

“With Perx’s plug-in solutions, SMBs can not only shorten their go-to-market time but can also quickly turn data into results.”

Visa’s Vikram Kshettry, Head of Small Business Products, Asia Pacific, added, “To stay ahead in the digital economy, businesses need tools to compete profitably. Managing customer relationships and creating loyalty with their brand is top of mind for enterprising businesses. Our collaboration with Perx will provide the tools to provide end-to-end customer engagement.”