Nucleus Research gives thumbs up on Laserfiche ECM

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Nucleus Research has given the thumbs up for Laserfiche enterprise content management (ECM) solutions, saying that its user friendly interface, sophisticated functionality, and superior customer support have given it a huge competitive advantage in the market.

The research firm, which provides insights and benchmarks on technology deployments based on a case-study research approach, said that in its study of Laserfiche deployments, it determined that the company’s client retention rate was greater than 90 percent.

Headquartered in Long Beach, California, with offices in Guadalajara, Hong Kong, London, Shanghai and Toronto, Laserfiche develops solutions for document capture, electronic forms, workflow, case management, cloud, mobile and government-certified records management.

Nucleus Research said it studied Laserfiche as part of its on-going research into the area of ECM solutions.

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“ECM becomes more competitive with new providers, additional offerings from existing vendors, and on-going acquisitions, selecting the right application has become more difficult,” Nucleus Research analyst Barbara Z. Peck said in a report. “Strategic acquisitions and client retention have replaced organic growth and become a prominent factor in ECM business.”

Hence, she said enterprise customers are now looking for solutions that are “easy to set up, easy to learn, and can grow with their business needs.”

For the Laserfiche study, Nucleus Research interviewed Laserfiche clients who chose its ECM offerings over other competing vendor solutions. The company, however, did not disclose the sample size of the survey.

A UI-driven approach

Results of the poll showed that central to the customers’ choice for Laserfiche ECM is the ease with which a team can adapt the solution to existing workflows through a user-friendly User Interface (UI).

It said more than 75 percent of respondents cited this as a factor in choosing Laserfiche applications and remaining a Laserfiche customer.

“Nucleus found that a majority of the clients were satisfied with the UI and because it is simple to navigate. Some clients noted that the “learning curve” was longer than expected, but emphasized that Laserfiche support was collaborative during the implementation process, and provided assistance whenever necessary,” the report cited.

By continuously investing in making its products easy to use for a wide variety of users in many verticals, Laserfiche was able to retain its edge in the market.

Nucleus Research mentioned, for example, that in 2016, as Laserfiche started to focus on Business Process Automation and analytics, it was able to introduce further refinements in the system that substantially improved user experience.

Part of this strategy is identifying the business process library, which now contains almost 100 templates that are configurable and address much of business functions, and enhancing industry specific processes by including preconfigured templates for government, financial services, and education. 

“Laserfiche’s investments are paying dividends for customers as reflected in the retention rate,” the report concluded.

Cloud-based functionality

Many ECM vendors would boast of functionality as a competitive differentiation for their products or services.

Laserfiche provides customers with real use cases and scenarios that would make it easy for users to see it as an advantage. 

First, it provides customers with the ability to use metadata to tag, organize, and search for files.

“Customers gained value from being confident that a user is working with the most current data available, reducing the potential for errors and providing consistency,” Peck noted.

Second, as cloud-based solution, Laserfiche ECM is easy to implement and update.

“Nucleus has found that the cloud delivers 2.1 times more ROI than on premise solutions, on average. Several users noted that the Laserfiche application delivered robust security and compliance capabilities necessary in the current business environment,” the research firm noted.

Consistent customer support

“Customer support has been excellent, we have been with Laserfiche for more than seven years and the support has always been responsive,” a Laserfiche customer was quoted as saying in the report.

Nucleus said that most survey respondents have the same feedback, which is indicative of a “strong client support culture” that underpins the company’s customer retention strategy.

However, while Laserfiche continues to invest in functionality enhancements to continuously provide industry-tailored user interface and broad functionality, there are several areas of improvement it can also work on.

These include reducing overlap for similar functions, tiered approach to pricing as the solutions are now more geared toward large enterprise users and reducing the learning curve to proficiency in the use of the software for some users.

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