NAO gives SmarTone customer experience a robotic edge

Image credit: iStockphoto by Getty Images

When you next go to SmarTone for customer service, you may meet NAO.

It is the name of the robot that will aim to service your every need when you visit the company’s physical retail store. 

The initiative, launched last week on Valentine’s day, will see the leading mobile network operator in Hong Kong add “smart robots” into its retail stores.

“SmarTone has always been pushing the frontiers of innovation, committed to innovating customer experience in the industry,” said Josephine Lam, Head of Marketing and Sales at SmarTone in a press release.

“The introduction of NAO will enable a fun and interactive experience, deepening in-store engagement with customers,” she added.

It will be the first time SmarTone will use actual robots for enhancing customer experience.

The idea is to streamline the customer experience while adding fun and improving engagement.  

At the launch ceremony at SmarTone’s apm store, NAO joined local Web-celebrity Lilian Kan to sing, dance and play games with customers while uttering words of love.

Not to be outdone, Pepper, another smart robot, joined in the festivities as well.

It was the first time both robots were pictured together.

NAO can perform detailed actions and is multi-lingual.

It offered details about the latest service plan offerings while providing recommendations on phone accessories.  

“Robotics is one of the hottest technologies and we know they will have a significant impact on our lives in the future,” said Alex Kun, Head of Products and Services at SmarTone.

“We will continue to seek ways to introduce the latest robotics technologies into our business as well as provide opportunities for local enterprises, organizations, and individuals to experience the technology,” he added.

SmarTone is not just looking to robotics to improve customer services and operational efficiency.

The company is looking to improve overall robotics appreciation as a territory-wide effort.

For example, it will include the introduction robot rental services and the organization of coding workshops to spur interest among the younger for robotics.

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