Most firms rely on remote IT access during natural disasters

Three out of every four (76%) organizations have a disaster preparedness and response plan for their business or IT department, a survey conducted by SolarWinds and Network World shows.

An aspect of most plans includes remote access for employees to ensure business continuity. In addition, 48% of respondents have implemented remote management software to ensure that IT problems can be solved regardless of location.

“In times of natural disasters and in maintaining year-round business continuity, remote IT management solutions can maximize flexibility and efficiency for IT organizations,” said Denny LeCompte, VP of product management at SolarWinds.

Such solutions that allow the ability to access systems with remote tech support if IT pros have to evacuate an area during a disaster or that enables business continuity by allowing IT pros to monitor, troubleshoot and triage IT technologies from a mobile device, provide a comprehensive remote IT management solution to aid IT pros during destructive events.

The study also showed that almost half (44%) of respondents update disaster preparedness and response plans each year; and 57% have no such plan, but will create one in the next 12 months.

About a quarter (27%) of those polled have not been able to go into the office because of a natural disaster and over 30% of those respondents missed a week or more of work.

When asked how confident their organization was that they could recover their data center in a reasonable amount of time, 30% reported they are “not at all confident.”

When asked about what disasters have kept them out of the office, 31% cited hurricanes while 28% cited floods.