Huawei, SAP firm up support for customers

Huawei has announced a joint engagement partnership with SAP, which will allow both parties to explore new opportunities in the Asia-Pacific and Japan region in the areas of big data and analytics, Smart City, Safe City, Internet of Things and cloud.

Huawei aims to expand its existing collaboration with SAP on the SAP HANA platform running on Huawei's cloud virtualization platform FusionSphere 5.1, in a bid to support customers' success.

The partner ecosystem is a critical factor in Huawei's strategy and solutions for vertical industries — particularly the public sector, telecommunications, utilities, transportation, manufacturing, education and healthcare — bringing high-speed computing to address business needs for real-time data processing and analysis in the new era of the cloud and big data.

"Huawei's business positioning is focused on being the best partner to enable a digital society, to create an open, flexible, secure and agile information and communications technology infrastructure platform, in alignment with SAP's strategy and solutions," said Lim Chee Siong, chief strategy and marketing officer of Huawei Southern Pacific Region.

“By building a win-win ecosystem and collaborating extensively with SAP, we plan to further explore opportunities together in various areas and help customers in various industries achieve success in digital transformation,” said LIm.

Huawei and SAP have a long-standing partnership working together on the SAP HANA platform, cloud, big data and IoT solutions, now in place at more than 500 clients globally. 

A co-innovation centre was established in 2015. Both companies continuously invest in ICT innovations and create more technical synergies, leading to enterprise solutions designed to bring value to an increasing number of industries and markets.

"SAP has seen an increasing amount of interest from customers moving towards a digital core to power their digital transformation journey," said Rohit Nagarajan, VP for Digital Enterprise Platform Group at SAP Asia-Pacific and Japan . "We see Huawei playing a vital collaborative role towards the adoption of our solutions."