Google launches new image-based ad format in Singapore

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Google today announced the launch of its Google Shopping Ads in Singapore, the first country in Southeast Asia where the product is launched.

Google Shopping Ads is an image-based ad format which will show up in Google search results alongside standard text ads. Unlike its venerable text-only AdWords product however, Google Shopping Ads will include product images as well as product information.

Google says the new image-based ad format will make it easier than ever for Singaporeans to shop for products online, pointing to how terms such as “kueh bangkit” have grown by 150% over the Lunar New Year period compared to the same period last year.

Shoppers searching for a “Bluetooth speakers” or “red dress” for instance, will see them alongside Google Search results, connecting users with retailers that carry the product. Like search ads, advertisers only pay when people click through to a website, and they are generated by automated feeds and are managed by retailers.

Marketers can use Google Shopping Ads to promote the products they sell, boost traffic to their website or local store, and find better qualified leads by putting product images, prices, and their business name in front of people searching on Google, noted the search engine giant.

“As we all know, Singaporeans love shopping with over half (53%) of the population using the Internet to compare products, prices or features to help make purchase decisions,” said Joanna Flint, the country director for Google Singapore.

“We know that this type of research can take time, so that’s why we wanted to help streamline the process for Singaporean shoppers by rolling out Google Shopping Ads in Singapore,” she said.

“Google’s shopping ads allows consumers in Singapore to find exactly what they are looking for within Zalora’s extensive collection of local and international fashion brands,” said Tito Costa, the CMO of Zalora. “This allows us to better deliver our promise to help online shoppers on their search for the perfect outfit and give them the best online shopping experience possible,” he said.

Costa have previously spoken to CMO Innovation about how the company established itself as an e-commerce giant in the region. You can read more about the various strategies his team used here.

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