Google, H&M’s Ivyrevel team up to develop the ‘data dress’

Photo from Ivyrevel

Google and H&M Group’s digital fashion house Ivyrevel have teamed up to design a dress based on one’s personal data.

A smartphone app developed by the two companies tracks each user’s activity and lifestyle which is then interpreted into a unique, and on-trend, custom-made Ivyrevel dress.

Ivyrevel's co-founder and fashion blogger Kenza Zouiten and other global style influencers are currently testing the app in a closed alpha stage.

It works pretty simply, according to Zoutien. You install an app on your phone and select why you need a dress. The technology is able to learn from your activities. It understands what you love to do and where you love to go. 

“It gets to know you better. It translates this into a dress with a unique personal story to it,” she explained in a video testimonial. 

In a blog post published on the Android Developers Blog, Jeremy Brook, Group Creative Business Partner, the ZOO, said the goal is to bring couture into the digital age.

Using Google’s Awareness API which was made available to all developers through Google Play last year, Brook said the data dress project will create a personalized dress designed entirely based on a user's context signals gathered by an Android app. These include the user’s location, physical activity, weather and nearby beacons, which allows developers to better understand their users individually.

The app is still currently under development and specifically uses the Snapshot API within the platform to passively monitor each user's daily activity and lifestyle with their permission. 

“Where do you regularly eat out for dinner or hang out with friends? Are they more casual or formal meetups? What's the usual weather when you're outside? After the course of a week, the user's context signals are passed through an algorithm that creates a digitally tailored dress design for the user to purchase,” Brook explained.

Ivy revel said over the coming months, other influencers will share stories as
their very own data dresses are created, and how their lifestyle has been captured by technology in a dress for the very first time. 

The Android app is launching to the public later this year.