Foxconn drives Mobike smart bike production

Mobike, the world’s first and largest smart bike-sharing company, and Foxconn Technology Group have launched an exclusive strategic partnership focused on enabling Mobike to increase global production capacity for its proprietary smart bikes by 5.6 million units annually.

As part of this partnership, Foxconn has also become a strategic investor in Mobike. The two parties will together establish a global production supply chain for Mobike that will increase total annual production capacity to over 10 million smart bikes, and significantly reduce the cost of producing and distributing Mobike’s unique bikes to cities around the globe.

The companies will also cooperate on initiatives to enhance the design and user experience of Mobike’s smart bikes.

“This partnership is all about bringing more bikes to more cities around the world,” said Davis Wang, co-founder and CEO of Mobike. “In 2017, we aim to enable residents in a hundred cities in China and internationally to enjoy our unique and convenient solution to the global challenge of last-mile travel.”

Wang said Foxconn is globally renowned for their extremely efficient, high-tech and cost-effective production, and their strengths in design and global supply chain management. “Working together, we can power Mobike’s rapid expansion, and revolutionize the bike sharing industry globally.”

Foxconn SVP James Du said Foxconn is actively seeking to maximize the potential of internet-driven smart manufacturing

“This partnership with Mobike is a great example of how we can use this expertise to address the challenges of urban transportation and deliver greater convenience to consumers,” said Du.

“In addition to contributing our support in terms of industry-leading talent, production capacity and resources, we look forward to working closely with the Mobike team on new design and engineering initiatives that will further enhance the travel experience for Mobike’s rapidly growing user base around the world,” said Du.

He said leveraging Foxconn’s expertise in high tech manufacturing will enable Mobike to rapidly scale up the production of the company’s unique, proprietary smart bikes and will deliver an immediate and significant reduction in the production cost per unit.