Facebook study reveals unique global habits of mobile shoppers

A new Facebook study shed new light on the motivations, pressures and behaviors of mobile shoppers, based on 2015 figures.

The study, available from Facebook IQ and conducted with Ipsos, showed how consumers are spending their holiday budgets, the rising importance of mobiles, and the importance of initiatives like Black Friday.

The survey predominantly targeted 21,511 US adults aged 18 and above in 17 markets, including Hong Kong.  

Global findings, which are also aligned with Hong Kong’s trends. include:

  • Black Friday is a global phenomenon, with almost half of Brazil shoppers shopping during that day as well as 13% from Hong Kong.
  • Shipping times matter to the majority of mobile shoppers, while preferring to shop on their favorite device.
  • A high proportion are last-minute holiday shoppers, despite indicating that they tend to plan shopping before Black Friday.
  • Facebook and Instagram are becoming important for M-buyers and Millennials in seeking gift inspirations.

Other Hong Kong highlights include:

  • 38% in Hong Kong feel stressed about shopping and finding the right gifts.
  • 65% buy for themselves during holidays, with a majority being high-income shoppers and mobile shoppers.
  • 62% of mobile shoppers shop in December.

You can view the full results here.

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