Facebook says it overstated clicks again

Image credit: iStockphoto by Getty Images

Facebook is in the spotlight again for overstating clicks.

In its blog, the online media giant for the fifth time highlighted that it discovered a bug that "misattributed" some clicks on video carousel ads as link clicks.

The discovery was made "during our regular reviews," the blog noted.

Carousels allow advertisers to place multiple images, videos, and text within a single ad unit, with users accessing them through swipes.

They are becoming popular tools for developing stories or engage the target audience via several choices.

This particular problem affected mobile web browser users on smartphones.

The blog noted that it did "not on the desktop or in the Facebook mobile app."

Since September 2016, Facebook has highlighted overstating or understating metrics in five separate occasions.

Although Facebook characterized the bug as minor (reportedly impacting only 0.04% of all impressions) it comes at a difficult time for the digital ad industry.

The company is looking to become the leading ad platform as CMOs demand more transparency and becoming skeptical about the promises of digital ads.

Facebook is trying hard to address these concerns.

In November, the company launched a blog to address such incidents.

It also formed a measurement council to gauge how it is performing on this front and committed to an independent audit by the Media Rating Council.

However, the latest incident highlights the challenges that today’s online social media platforms face in providing accurate measurement figures and becoming more transparent.

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