Facebook gives CMOs more ad control

Image credit: iStockphoto by Getty Images

Facebook is rolling out a slew of new features to give more control to CMOs for ad optimization and boost ad spend on their global social network. The move entails a redesign of the Delivery Insights dashboard to offer more information on ad campaigns.

According to the company, the new dashboard illustrates “in-depth auction metrics and guidance for interpreting fluctuations in performance.”

Essentially, advertisers will be able to follow trends in impressions, the amount spent, results and cost-per-results, with auction metrics to explain these trends.

One area that is becoming vital is auction overlap, where overlapping audience segments can affect spend and audience saturation.

The new auction metrics feature will identify these scenarios, and show whether frequency can lead to declines in results.

Facebook is also introducing Estimated Daily Results, which aims to answer CMOs worries on sizing up expectations before launching Facebook campaigns.

The new tool will estimate the daily results such as website conversions and video views in the context of the budget, audience, bid amount, and placements.

However, it cannot be used for product catalog sales, brand awareness optimization, impressions and store visits.

Estimated Daily Results comes in two flavors: budget curve and a slide bar.

The budget curve sets expectations on some potential daily results when editing budget for existing ad sets.

Meanwhile, the slider bar sets expectations on number of potential daily results, working together with the budget curve to estimate outcomes for changes made to inputs beyond budget such as your audience, bid amount, and placements

Facebook noted that there would be more enhancements coming soon for optimizing ads.

The announcements come as Facebook is looking to retain its advertisers after the 2016 revelation that it reportedly inflated view viewing numbers for nearly two years unintentionally. 

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