Cloud-based POS for F&B outlets launched in Malaysia

Silent Mode Sdn. Bhd., a Software-as-a-Service company, recently launched Slurp, a cloud-based point-of-sale (POS) system for Food & Beverages outlets. 

Slurp consists of the core POS system Slurp Central, Slurp customer ordering app, Slurp waiter app and Slurp Cloud for data analytics. 
The POS system service is available in two packages: Slurp Basic and Slurp Premier, and  currently available for small- and medium-sized retailers in the Food & Beverages (F&B) sector in Malaysia.

Slurp has features that allow retailers to easily manage their outlet’s food and drinks menu, and administer check-in and check-out times of wait staff. A basic inventory system is also available within Slurp. In addition to the cloud-based Slurp system, Silent Mode also includes in the current product package, third-party hardware components of an iPad, an iPad stand, a cash drawer and a receipt printer.
"Upon researching the retail industry in Malaysia, we’ve identified some common challenges many retailers shared such as inefficient ordering system and disparate information sources. In this version of Slurp, our technology is addressing these concerns by systematically digitizing the ordering system right at the customer table and making all information logged into a central system. Data is always synchronized with a secure cloud portal," said Zara Aida Razali, co-founder and chief operating officer of Silent Mode.

Research and development of Slurp began about a year ago and the new system has since then been successfully beta tested at five F&B outlets in Klang Valley. 

Calvin Tam, co-founder and product lead at Silent Mode, said Slurp software is customizable and makes it suitable for deployment at different types and needs within the F&B sector. Unlike most conventional POS terminal systems, Slurp is easy to setup and maintain regardless if the F&B outlet is a standalone or connected within multi-locations.