Broadcast TV fights back digital media dominance with OpenAP

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Global broadcast giants are looking to claw back lost market share to digital media giants Facebook and Google.

Their weapons: data and openness.

Recently, Viacom, Turner and Fox Networks Group wrote an open letter heralding the launch of OpenAP, described as “TV’s Advanced Audience Platform”.

In the letter, penned by Joe Marchese, president of advanced advertising, Fox Networks Group, Donna Speciale, president, Turner Ad Sales and Sean Moran, head of sales for marketing & partner solutions, VIACOM Media Networks, noted that the OpenAP is founded by a consortium of TV publishers.

A “leading independent auditor” will operate the platform that will be governed by industry-standard measurement sources and data.

CMOs using the platform can cross-publisher targeting and independent measurement “for advanced audiences”.

The letter noted that “it means truly independent measurement and reporting by design, not just reactive third party verification.”   

The effort answers some of the key concerns that face CMOs and Ad agencies in optimizing TV advertising.  

Many have complained that the key data seems to unavailable or “walled off”, much like how Facebook and Google keeps most of the key data.

Without such data, CMOs and ad agencies will find it difficult to target specific audience segments, like families with a new born.

With OpenAP, getting these types of data and information will be easier, while directly accessing the platform for free.

In addition, APIs for integrating to in-house measurement systems will be available.

The overall aim is to make TV, whose market share is eroding due to the rise of digital media, a more CMO-friendly and efficient platform.

However, for the platform to be truly effective, it needs to grow its bevy of supporters.

It remains to be seen whether other giants, like Walt Disney Co, will join the effort, and whether the effort will be broadened to Asia Pacific.

For more details on OpenAP, the letter asked readers to tune in on 7 April 2017.

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