Brands not maximizing benefits of online commerce

Image credit: iStockphoto by Getty Images

Brands in Singapore are struggling to personalize the customer experience with their existing web content management systems, according to a new study published by customer experience management firm Sitecore.

The study analyzed responses from over 1,200 marketing and IT decision makers, including IT partners and suppliers in 14 countries about their attitudes toward and strategies for online commerce. In Asia, there are over 320 respondents from China, Japan and Singapore markets.

Despite anticipating a growth in the next 12 months, the report pointed to how only a small fraction of the budget is being allocated to managing the digital customer experience on average. The study also uncovered some key challenges for brands wanting to maximize returns from commerce.

For one, brands are struggling to personalize the consumer experience during purchase and post-purchase phases with their current web content management solution (WCM). A high percentage from Singapore (67%) who identified this as a challenge for their businesses, which could suggest a disconnect between their WCM and commerce system.

And despite more than half of survey respondents in Singapore (68%) agreeing that customer loyalty is lost without a focused brand experience, organizations are still not providing a holistic online experience that spans web and commerce system.

Consumers in Asia are now expecting a seamless online purchasing journey, as well as personalized and targeted content, making it more important than ever that brands deliver the right experience to retain brand loyalty and conversion.

Sitecore noted that it is more crucial than ever for brands to focus on this area and bridge the gap between content and commerce, which is primarily driven by the complexity of technology integration.

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