APAC marketers put social media as a top priority

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One third (31%) of Asia Pacific (APAC) marketers view social media engagement as their top priority, according to a new report by Econsultancy titled “Digital Trends 2017”, compared to 27% and 28% in other parts of the world. In addition, 14% of marketers in APAC consider mobile app engagement as their priority, again higher than the 9% and 12% elsewhere.

Commissioned by Adobe, the study surveyed more than 14,000 digital marketers and ecommerce professionals across Europe and the Middle East, North American and APAC markets.

The heavier emphasis on mobile engagement can likely be attributed to the prevalence of mobile Internet and mobile messaging apps in the region, noted the report. That’s not all though. Another difference between APAC marketers and those in other parts of the world is evidenced in their interest in consumer behavior on mobile devices.

Specifically, 56% of APAC marketers think understanding how mobile users research and buy products is “very important”; only 48% of marketers in Europe and 46% in North America felt the same way. Half (50%) of APAC executives are also curious about when and where customers use their devices, lower than the 42% of counterparts in Europe and North America.

Across the globe, the report also reveals that design is considered the next level on the path of digital transformation, with 86% of respondents agreeing that design-driven companies outperform other businesses. 82% say creativity is highly valued within their organizations, and 77% say they are investing in design to help differentiate their brand.

In a nutshell, the report concluded that companies regard customer experience as the primary way to differentiate themselves from competitors in 2017. More importantly, a spotlight was cast on how a design-driven and collaborative organizational culture is crucial in delivering differentiated customer experiences.

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