Accenture launches Liquid Studio in Singapore

Accenture has launched a Liquid Studio in Singapore to help clients around the region take advantage of new innovations and accelerate software application development cycles.

The Liquid Studio features an open environment where clients work with highly skilled Accenture engineers to turn concepts into applications and solutions with speed and agility.

“Singapore is an ideal location for launching our newest Liquid Studio. Forward-looking clients around the region can leverage Accenture’s innovation-led approach to quickly unlock new value to become digital businesses and stay competitive in our challenging marketplace,” said Teo Lay-Lim, senior managing director for ASEAN and country managing director for Accenture Singapore.

At the Liquid Studio, Accenture helps clients reduce development time from months to days by applying rapid development approaches including Agile methodologies and DevOps, and experimenting with disruptive technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), blockchain and serverless architectures.

In addition to serving clients, the Liquid Studio will be used to train and upskill Accenture professionals, providing them with experience in new and emerging technologies.

Candidates from Accenture’s Emerging Technologist Development Program (ETDP), which include participants of SkillsFuture Earn and Learn Program, will also be trained at the Liquid Studio and deployed to client projects. ETDP is a one-year specialised learning initiative in line with SkillsFuture Earn and Learn Programme structure.

“The Liquid Studio provides a ‘sandbox environment’ for our ETDP trainees, where they can experience emerging technologies first-hand and adopt the experimental culture of the Liquid Studio,” said Sam Liew, managing director for Accenture Technology in ASEAN. 

“The studio, and our training program, reflect our ongoing commitment to help develop the skills of Singapore’s next-generation IT workforce,” said Liew. “Combined with our structured mentorships and set in a client environment, this becomes an invaluable part of their career and learning journey at Accenture.”