10 overused buzzwords by Singapore marketers

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Marketers know all about buzzwords, those words or phrases that they liberally use to fluff up their marketing campaigns and promotional materials. When it comes to marketing themselves however, even the most junior marketer knows it pays not to use the same buzzwords that everyone else is already using.

And according to the latest analysis by LinkedIn, the top three words used by marketers this year are “Strategic”, “Leadership” and “Specialized”.

In its sixth year, the analysis of the most overused words on LinkedIn profiles was drawn from millions of profiles in Singapore, and compiled in January given that it is the most popular time for LinkedIn updates globally.

So what are the top 10 buzzwords that the savvy marketer may want to remove – or at least tone down on – from their LinkedIn profiles?

Here’s the list: Strategic, Leadership, Specialized, Passionate, Creative, Experienced, Expert, Focused, Innovative and Track record.

Roger Pua, the senior director of corporate communications for LinkedIn in the Asia Pacific explains: “A strong, personal online brand is key to opening doors to opportunity as you look to start something new in the new year, whether it’s a job or volunteering time to make a social impact. So, it’s important to stand out from the crowd, while not under or over-selling yourself.”

“It’s definitely worthwhile making sure your achievements and skills are current and credibly reflected in your LinkedIn profile. While words may be an easier way to describe you, they may not be effective in bringing you to life as a professional - especially since everyone is using the same buzzwords,” he said.

LinkedIn also offered some tips from bestselling author Christopher Sandford for professionals looking to update their profiles. In a nutshell, they should use short punchy sentences with specific phrases or as a story, but using a professional tone without speaking in the third person.

Relevant previous roles should be described in everyday language, and buzzwords should be ditched in favor of a “show, don’t tell” strategy. Presentations could be uploaded, suggested Sandford, and links to notable campaigns or even a personal blog could go a long way towards helping professionals paint a better picture of their unique skills and background.

So don’t hide behind meaningless buzzwords, but make the above changes to your LinkedIn profile today.

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