Starwood tests apps with Keynote

Starwood Hotels & Resorts is partnering with Keynote to test the compliance of dozens of mobile apps and websites created for a range of Starwood brands, such as Westin, Le Meridien and Sheraton.

Starwood’s global online compliance team is now using Keynote’s cloud-based DeviceAnywhere platform to test a range of apps which enable guests to find hotels, learn about new services, and make reservations.

With DeviceAnywhere, the Starwood team simply uses any device to access a website or app and review its content, functionality, and ultimate compliance.

“Rather than requiring us to rent or purchase devices, which can be expensive and requires a lengthy approval process, DeviceAnywhere allows us to go online and begin testing immediately,” said Janay McWhorter, senior manager for Stardood’s global online compliance group.

Over a six month period, Starwood testers performed manual testing with DeviceAnywhere, and were able to control every aspect of the mobile device including pressing handset buttons, viewing LCD displays, listening to ringers and tones, sending and receiving messages and more.

This allowed testers to start their work immediately and audit and review each site and app. It something was found not to work, the tester could use DeviceAnywhere to look at the app or site on a different device, and determine if the problem was with the app, or simply the way it was rendered on a particular device.

Meanwhile, Starwood has also engaged GEP, a provider of procurement software and services, to deliver spend analytics services to the group.

Starwood enterprise sourcing and procurement teams are working with GEP tools to streamline and automate procurement process, The GEP solutions are accessed as Soft-as-aService, and include functionalities such as spend analysis, sourcing, supplier and contract management, and procure-to-pay.